DAWLANCE Econo Plus X Inverter 30 1.5 TON

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  • Features
    I-Feel Technology
    Self Cleaning
    Condenser Fin Coating
    Blue Fin
    Evaporator Fin Coating
    Hydrophilic Aluminium
    Function Type
    Sleep Mode
    Special Filters
    Easily Removable Filter
    Dimensions & Weight
    Indoor Unit Weight (kg)
    13.5 kg
    Outdoor Unit Weight (kg)
    28 kg
    24 Hour
    Design & Outlook
    Indoor Unit Color
    Type (AC)
    Inverter Mono Split
    General Details
    LVS Compressor
    Energy Efficency
    Minimum Energy Mode (Inverter)
    Indoor Unit Fan Motor
    Outdoor Unit Fan Motor
    Heating Running Current (A)

    Introducing the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner, a state-of-the-art cooling solution that seamlessly blends advanced features and energy efficiency to enhance your overall comfort. With its sleek design and versatile functions, the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX is crafted to meet your cooling needs, prioritizing both convenience and optimal performance.

    The I-Feel Technology embedded in the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX ensures a personalized cooling experience by intelligently sensing and adjusting to your comfort preferences. This feature guarantees a tailored and enjoyable atmosphere, adapting to your needs with precision.

    Maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment is effortlessly achieved with the Self Cleaning function of the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX. This innovative feature automates the cleaning process, preventing the accumulation of dust and bacteria, ensuring the air you breathe is fresh and purified.

    Enhancing the durability of the unit, the Condenser Fin Coating with Blue Fin technology protects against corrosion, providing a longer lifespan and optimal performance even in challenging conditions. The Hydrophilic Aluminium Evaporator Fin Coating promotes efficient cooling by preventing moisture buildup on the fins, contributing to both enhanced performance and unit longevity.

    Operating as a Reversible system, the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner offers both heating and cooling functions for year-round comfort. The Sleep Mode, a feature designed for a restful night’s sleep, adjusts the temperature to optimal sleeping conditions, ensuring uninterrupted comfort.

    Featuring Easily Removable Filters, maintenance becomes a breeze, allowing you to keep the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX in top condition effortlessly. The 24-Hour Timer adds an extra layer of convenience to your lifestyle, enabling you to schedule cooling or heating operations according to your specific preferences.

    In terms of design, the Indoor Unit of the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX comes in an elegant White color, seamlessly blending with any interior decor. As an Inverter Mono Split type, it ensures energy efficiency and precise temperature control.

    General Details of the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX include a Rotary Compressor and the incorporation of LVS Compressor technology, further contributing to energy efficiency. The Minimum Energy Mode (Inverter) enhances energy conservation, solidifying the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX as an environmentally friendly choice.

    Equipped with an AC fan motor for the Indoor Unit and a DC fan motor for the Outdoor Unit, the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX provides efficient cooling performance with minimal energy consumption. With a Heating Running Current of 7A, it ensures effective heating during colder seasons.

    Experience unparalleled comfort and efficiency with the Dawlance 30 Econo PlusX Inverter Mono Split Air Conditioner, a reliable and advanced solution designed to meet your cooling and heating needs.

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