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Panasonic NI-22AWTXJ Deluxe Automatic Iron


Heavyweight dry iron, Non-stick Coated Sole Plate, Big Fabric Guide, Temperature Setting Dial, Thermostatic Pilot Lamp, Power: 1000W, Made in japan

14,000 18% Off

Panasonic Dry Iron Ni-22awt


Adjustable steam at hand, Suitable for various clothes, Lightweight steamer head

9,500 17% Off
Panasonic Dry Iron NI-317T

Panasonic Dry Iron NI-317T


Adjustable steam at hand, Suitable for various clothes, Lightweight steamer head

Make Your Home Life Simple & Happy

In old ages, our forefathers were used to struggling for accomplishing every household work such as cleaning their house and chopping vegetables in their kitchen. They used to do all such tasks manually. This process required a lot of handwork, and it was highly time-consuming as well. But thanks to modern inventions, our generation doesn’t need to struggle and suffer like they suffered. Everything has become easy and hassle-free through all small appliances such as irons, toasters, juicers, blenders, and food choppers, etc.

Electro City is your one-stop online solution for acquiring your desired small appliances in Pakistan. This store offers a wide variety of appliances from high-level companies like Pel, Dawlance, and Panasonic at very low prices. So, make your life less complex and much easy.

Hmm, what are you waiting for! Log in to Electro City and purchase all useful appliances online at the lowest prices and get them delivered at your doorstep without any difficulty.

Small Appliances Price in Pakistan PKR
DAWLANCE Steam Iron DW-7282 Rs 11,500.00
Panasonic Electric Cordless Dry Iron -100DX Rs 16,500.00
Panasonic Steam Iron M250T Rs 9,500.00
Panasonic Dry Iron NI-21M Rs 11,500.00
kenwood refilable steam iron ssp-70 Rs 55,000.00
Panasonic NI-22AWTXJ Deluxe Automatic Iron Rs 17,000.00
Moulinex – CIXI user manuals Iron Rs 5,749.00
Dawlance Dry Iron Dwdi 1020 Rs 8,999.00
Panasonic Dry Iron NI-317T Rs 9,500.00


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