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Haier Refrigerator G-D HRF-246 EPR/EPBHaier Refrigerator G-D HRF-246 EPR/EPB

Haier Refrigerator G-D HRF-246 EPR/EPB


Top Mount, E-Star Series, Free Standing, Conventional Technology, Rapid Cooling, Medium Size

Haier Refrigerator G-D HRF-306IPB

Haier Refrigerator G-D HRF-306IPB


10 Year Compressor, 1 Year Parts, Digital Inverter, 4 Sensors, 2+1 LED lights, 5 Way evaporator, Glass Shelf, XXL Vegetable Box

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336 EBDHaier Refrigerator HRF-336 EBD

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336 EBD


Top Mount, E-Star Series, Free Standing, Conventional Technology, Rapid Cooling, Medium Size, Direct cool

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336 EPB-EPR-EPC

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336 EPB-EPR-EPC


Top Mount, E-Star Series, Free Standing, Conventional Technology, Rapid Cooling, Medium Size, Direct cool, Glass Door

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336-IPR G-D InverterHaier Refrigerator HRF-336-IPR G-D Inverter

Haier Refrigerator HRF-336-IPR G-D Inverter


• 4 Sensors, Glass Shelf, 2+1 LED lights, Digital Inverter, 5 Way evaporator

Haier Refrigerator HRF368 E-Star Series EBS-EBDHaier Refrigerator HRF368 E-Star Series EBS-EBD

Haier Refrigerator HRF368 E-Star Series EBS-EBD


Top Mount, E-Star Series, Direct Cool, Without Handle, Glass Door, 3 Years Compressor Warranty.

SilverTuscany Brown

Best Refrigerator Prices in Pakistan on Electro City

Hey, are you looking for the best refrigerator prices in Pakistan! Then, look no further as Electro City brings for you a great variety of fridges and freezers that you could buy online with a listing of double door fridges or single door fridges. These appliances are large, medium and small-sized and belong to the top and official refrigerator brands in Pakistan such as Dawlance, Haier, Kenwood, and many more. On Electro City, you could find a great range of room fridge prices and commercial refrigerators in Pakistan. And, with the discounts of Electro City sales on fridge prices in Pakistan or room fridge prices in Pakistan, you could find great deals and offers on the top fridge brands and reliably get your desired products delivered at your doorstep!

Buy Various Types of Refrigerators in Pakistan:

Refrigerators are must-have appliances for every house in today’s time. And, refrigerators in Pakistan have become essential appliances and provide the optimum food storage solution and also keep your food fresh for a long time. Why? The cooling chain process breaks down the bacterial developments and maintains the hygiene that is required. That’s why it’s important to purchase a great quality refrigerator and search for the best fridge price in Pakistan for your home or commercial purposes. Plus, the best part is that you could find a variety of refrigerators at affordable ranges. Whether you’re looking for a mini fridge price in Pakistan, double-door fridge price in Pakistan, small-sized fridge price in Pakistan, medium-sized fridge price in Pakistan, or even just an inverter fridge, you could choose the one that meets your requirement the best and acquire it online among varieties of refrigerators within our store!

Why Should You Shop For Refrigerators With Electro City?

Electro City is Pakistan’s highly credible e-commerce platform that gives you the opportunity to skip the hassle of shopping in crowded stores and jump straight to the segment where you acquire what you wished to be delivered right at your doorstep within the click of a few buttons. And not only this, such shopping allows you attain the best refrigerator prices on Electro City with special discounts and competitive pricing. Who would desire to stand in a line to purchase something when one could attain it directly from a credible store like Electro City!

Payment Options For You To Buy Your New Refrigerator

There’s no better place to compare prices than Electro City. Since Electro City is a marketplace, this boasts over hundreds of sellers and thousands of products to choose from, and it is a one-stop solution to purchase what you require. Well, with several secure payment options ranging from cash on delivery and bank transfers  you always have access to something that suits your requirements.

Easy Installment Options For Refrigerators:

Yeah, you read that correct. You could reliably buy your favourite appliances with easy installment options. Interesting info, right! Now, one last but important point.

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Now get your new refrigerator directly from official Electro City stores, and we ensure that all products are 100% genuine and available at low prices or costs. So, why do you stay away from what you really want! Start your online shopping, and acquire the best prices, discounts, vouchers, and bundle deals from our store to make your purchase successful.

Refrigerator & Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan PKR
Samsung Inverter Refrigerator Stylish Design RS50N3C1 Rs 264,999.00
Dawlance No Frost Refrigerator SBS 600 INV Rs 71,999.00
LG One Door Freezer, 324L, Smart Inverter Compressor GR-B414ELFM Rs 194,999.00
LG One Door Fridge, Tower & Top LED GR-F411ELDM Rs 194,999.00
LG Side by Side Refrigerator, Mega Capacity, Smart Diagnosis™ Rs 349,999.00
LG InstaView Refrigerator Side by Side & Door-in-Door GR-X257CSAV Rs 439,999.00
LG Refrigerator Side-by-Side with Water & Ice Dispenser GC-L247CLAV Rs 320,000.00
LG Refrigerator Matte Black Stainless Steel, Door-in-Door GR-X29FTQKL Rs 439,999.00
LG Refrigerator Door Cooling Technology GR-H842HLHL Rs 134,999.00
LG Refrigerator with Smart Inverter GN-C752HQCL Rs 134,999.00


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