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Speakers at Best Prices in Pakistan on Electro City

Speakers play an important role in improving your computer usage. Contrary to common use, the speakers play a more crucial role in computer usage than only being used for listening songs or playlists. The speakers are mainly employed with PCs coz the laptops come with their company-fit speakers. These appliances accomplish the task of alerting a user about notifications. For example, new messages, spam tabs, or advertisement videos that are being played in the background. The devices also notify you about the background messages & notifications that might not open over the screen that you’re employing.

At Electro City, we have several varieties of speakers, and all have distinct price ranges and are made by the top companies of the world. Some of our speakers are related to a highly popular brand, Panasonic. The speakers are judged on the basis of their volume quality, and how well these devices produce surround-sound systems.

Well, if you’re looking for top-quality speakers to enhance your gaming or song experience, you should go and check out Electro City’s website and see some speakers’ prices in Pakistan.

Speakers and Headphone Price in Pakistan PKR
AUDIONIC Portable Speaker SOLO X-80 Rs 20,000.00
AUDIONIC Sound Bar Prism 800 Rs 36,000.00
AUDIONIC Sound Bar Prism 500 Rs 30,000.00
Audionic Speaker RB-105 Rs 35,500.00
Audionic Reborn RB-95 | best for room theater Rs 32,000.00
AUDIONIC MONSTER Speaker MS-100 Rs 22,999.00
Audionic Monster MS-310 3.1 Speaker Rs 35,999.00
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