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Geepas 4-In-1 Blender GJE-46015PGeepas 4-In-1 Blender GJE-46015P

Geepas 4-In-1 Blender GJE-46015P


GEEPAS Food Factory 4 in 1 Juicer, Chopper, Grinder, Blender, Mixer & Citrus Juicer

24,999 9% Off
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Geepas GSB5451 Stainless steel 4 in 1 Juicer & Blender

Geepas GSB5451 Stainless steel 4 in 1 Juicer & Blender


Stainless Steel body and lock arm 7 800W Powerful Motor, 75mm wide feed tubes for whole apple, 2 speed with pulse control with led light, Safety interlock; 2.01 pulp containers, Stainless Steel filter basket, Unbreakable juicer lid & pc jars, 1.01 juice jug. & 1.61 blender jar, Dry grinder and chopper attachments 7 Stainless steel cutting blade, AC 220-240V 50/60Hz 800W

16,500 15% Off
Geepas GSB5493P Juicer BlenderGeepas GSB5493P Juicer Blender

Geepas GSB5493P Juicer Blender


Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, Wide Feed Tube, Double Safety Lock, 1.6 Litres, Powerful Copper Motor

10,999 27% Off
Kenwood BLP15.150WH BlenderKenwood BLP15.150WH Blender

Kenwood BLP15.150WH Blender


Take the effort out of blending with Kenwood’s blender.
The Kenwood Blender is ideal for smaller spaces, but still features a generous 2 litre goblet (1.5 L working capacity), perfect for all your blending needs. Create refreshing smoothies, tasty sauces, and much more.

10,500 16% Off
Kenwood SB-255 Smoothie BlenderKenwood SB-255 Smoothie Blender

Kenwood SB-255 Smoothie Blender


The Kenwood SB255 silver smoothie maker with a powerful 500W motor, 1.5L capacity and 3 speeds. For anyone who appreciates the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, blending their own yoghurt drinks, or making fresh fruit cocktails.

10,500 16% Off
blender grinder

Anex Deluxe Blender Grinder (AG-690UB)


220 V 50 Hz 300W, Puree, blend, mix, crumb, liquefy, Two speed and a pulse control, perfect for performing different blending / grinding tasks.

4,999 29% Off
Kenwood Juicer Blender 4 in 1 JEP 00Kenwood Juicer Blender 4 in 1 JEP 00

Kenwood Juicer Blender 4 in 1 JEP 00


Buy Kenwood Juicer Blender 4 in 1 JEP 00 with strong stainless steel blades, body material plastic, non slip feet at Electrocity

15,999 11% Off
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juicer blender
juicer blender

Anex Juicer Blender 3-in-1 (AG-178-GL)


220-240V 50/60HZ 600 watts, Juicer, blender, dry mill, Temperature breaker to prevent motor burn out, Stainless steel spinner, Big clear glass 1000ml container

9,499 17% Off
Dawlance Citrus Juicer DWCJ-8030Dawlance Citrus Juicer DWCJ-8030

Dawlance Citrus Juicer DWCJ-8030


European Quality Citrus Juicer for everyday use. Multiple Reamers allow you to squeeze all kinds of citrus fruits like Oranges, Limetta (Mausambi), Lime, and Lemons.

4,600 30% Off

Dawlance Dwtb-590 B Blender


Plastic Jug, Black Plastic Body, 500W Motor – blends the toughest of the ingredients homogeneously, Sturdy Blades – for hard objects, Safety Lock, Ice Crushing, Dry Mill attachment

6,900 30% Off
Table Blender

Dawlance DWTB-620I Table Blender


Glass Jug, Inox Body, 500W Motor – blends the toughest of the ingredients homogeneously, Strong Blades – for hard objects, Safety Lock, Ice Crushing, Dry Mill attachment

8,200 27% Off
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table top blender
Juicer / Blender

Panasonic Juicer / Blender Mj-m176p

Mini Blender

Philips Mini Blender HR2874/00


Thanks to its On-the-Go bottle you can enjoy of all your beverages everywhere.

7,500 38% Off
Profile Juicer+Blender P-176Juicer Blender

Profile Juicer+Blender P-176


Profile Juicer+Blender P-176, Hub of home appliances, electricity is now leading and fast and reliable home appliances services provider

6,999 22% Off
Food ProcessorSonashi Food Processor 8 In 1 SFP-910

Sonashi Food Processor 8 In 1 SFP-910


Electro City brings you the best price for Sonashi Food Processor 8 In 1 (SFP-910) with 1 Year International Warranty and Free Shipping all over Pakistan.

10,499 16% Off

Make Your Home Life Simple & Happy

In old ages, our forefathers were used to struggling for accomplishing every household work such as cleaning their house and chopping vegetables in their kitchen. They used to do all such tasks manually. This process required a lot of handwork, and it was highly time-consuming as well. But thanks to modern inventions, our generation doesn’t need to struggle and suffer like they suffered. Everything has become easy and hassle-free through all small appliances such as irons, toasters, juicers, blenders, and food choppers, etc.

Electro City is your one-stop online solution for acquiring your desired small appliances in Pakistan. This store offers a wide variety of appliances from high-level companies like Pel, Dawlance, and Panasonic at very low prices. So, make your life less complex and much easy.

Hmm, what are you waiting for! Log in to Electro City and purchase all useful appliances online at the lowest prices and get them delivered at your doorstep without any difficulty.

Small Appliances Price in Pakistan PKR
Geepas GSM43043 Stand Mixer 3L Rs 14,299.00
Geepas GSM-43013 (3in1) Stand Mixer Rs 24,999.00
Kenwood FDP-65 400WH Multi Express Food Processor Rs 29,999.00
Geepas GCG6105 Coffee Grinder Rs 9,800.00
Geepas GSB1650 Super Blender 10 in 1 Rs 24,500.00
Anex Food Processor White (AG-3150) Rs 15,499.00
Anex Food Processor (AG-1041) Rs 15,999.00
Sonashi Food Processor 8 In 1 SFP-910 Rs 12,499.00
Panasonic MK-F500WTN Food Processor Rs 42,999.00
Panasonic MK-F800WTN 33-Functions Food Processor Rs 52,999.00


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