Kenwood 1.5 Ton INV AC 1867S E comfort


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Specifications of Kenwood 1.5 Ton INV AC 1867S E comfort

Experience a new level of home comfort with the Kenwood 1.5 Ton INV AC 1867S E comfort. Designed to bring you the perfect balance of powerful cooling and energy efficiency, this state-of-the-art air conditioner not only transforms your living space into a sanctuary of relaxation but also enhances your peace of mind. Moreover, its advanced features ensure a consistently comfortable environment, making your home the ideal place to unwind.

  • Energy Efficiency up-to 75%
  • T3 Compressor
  • Ampere Locking Function
  • Turbo Mode
  • Heat and Cool
  • Voice Control
  • Self Cleaning
  • Wide working voltage(120-270V)
  • High ambient cooling up to 60℃
  • Golden fins both in indoor & outdoor unit
  • Reliable PCB
  • 12 Years Compressor & 4 Years PCB Card Warranty

Key Features and Benefits :

Enjoy consistent, energy-saving cooling with advanced inverter technology. Consequently, you can say goodbye to high electricity bills and hello to sustainable living. Additionally, the 1.5-ton capacity is perfect for medium to large rooms, ensuring every corner of your space feels refreshingly cool.

Moreover, with rapid cooling, you’ll feel the cool breeze instantly, delivering comfort in seconds, not minutes. Contribute to a greener planet with eco-friendly refrigerant that, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint without compromising performance.

Furthermore, experience tranquility with ultra-quiet operation, making it perfect for bedrooms and workspaces where peace and quiet are paramount. With smart features like remote control access and programmable settings, you can effortlessly customize your cooling experience. Finally, the sleek design enhances your home decor, seamlessly integrating into any interior style.

Feel the Difference

Imagine coming home after a long, hot day and feeling a blast of cool, refreshing air. With the Kenwood 1.5 Ton INV AC 1867S E comfort, not only does your room cool down, but your spirits lift as well. Consequently, your home becomes the ultimate retreat. You’ll appreciate the consistent and efficient cooling that, in turn, creates a perfectly balanced environment for relaxation and productivity.

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