KEI-2443 FHI Kenwood Floor Standing AC Inverter E-Imperial Plus

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  • LED Display
  • Golden Fins Condenser
  • Heat & Cool Function
  • Auto Restart
Color White
Capacity/Size 2 Ton
Cooling Capacity 24000 BTU
Heating Capacity 24000 BTU
AC Type Floor Standing Cabinet
Technology Inverter
Cooling Type Heat & Cool
Power Input (W)
Running Current (A)
EER Rating

KEI-2443 FHI Kenwood Floor Standing AC E-Imperial Inverter

The machine will naturally blend in the decor of your interior due to its sleek design. The unique feature of this model is that not only it has a Heat and Cool function but it is also equipped with an auto-restart function and 10 hours automatic power-off system which adds more convenience to your life.


  •  R 22 Gas
  •  LED Display
  •  Golden Fins Condenser
  •  Heat & Cool Function
  •  Auto Restart
  •  3 Year Warranty


Kenwood 2 ton Imperial Floor Standing is the latest 2018 variant from Kenwood Pakistan.

 It comes with heat and cool function which adapts to the unfolding seasons and maintains the desired room temperature in every area and performs efficiently even at 50 degrees and also provides uniform heating even at -7 degrees.

 Kenwood 4 ton floor standing series KEI-2430F model is also equipped with 4d airflow to ensure a harmonized temperature throughout the room, air blades and air louvers swing not only vertically but also horizontally, which helps to improve air distribution and flow and makes you feel comfortable during hot summers and cold winters.

 Equipped with golden fins condenser and 100% copper piping which prevents leakage and all motors have copper winding.

Introducing the Kenwood 2-ton Imperial Floor Standing air conditioner, the epitome of innovation and comfort in cooling solutions. This 2018 variant from Kenwood Pakistan, known as the Kenwood 2443, is packed with features designed to elevate your indoor climate control experience.

With a versatile set of functions, including Heat & Cool, this AC adapts seamlessly to changing seasons, maintaining your desired room temperature efficiently. It’s not just an air conditioner; it’s a reliable companion that performs exceptionally even at 50 degrees, ensuring comfort in every corner of the room. Additionally, it provides uniform heating down to -7 degrees, making it a perfect solution for diverse weather conditions.

The Kenwood 4-ton floor standing series, represented by the KEI-2430F model, incorporates advanced technology to enhance your comfort further. The 4D airflow feature ensures a harmonized temperature throughout the room, with air blades and louvers swinging both vertically and horizontally. This not only improves air distribution but also makes you feel comfortable during both scorching summers and chilly winters.

Equipped with a Golden Fins Condenser and 100% copper piping, this Kenwood AC ensures durability and reliability. The Golden Fins Condenser enhances efficiency, and the copper piping prevents leakage, offering peace of mind and longevity to your cooling solution. Moreover, all motors are equipped with copper winding, adding an extra layer of quality to the product.

Featuring an R22 Gas system and an LED Display, the Kenwood 2-ton Imperial Floor Standing AC is designed for ease of use and efficient performance. The Auto Restart function ensures that your preferred settings are maintained even after power interruptions. Backed by a 3-year warranty, Kenwood reaffirms its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Choose the Kenwood 2443 for an unparalleled cooling experience – where innovation meets reliability, ensuring your comfort in every season.

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