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Boss 15Litter Electric Water Heater


The product comes with enhanced features including large capacity, enameled coated steel inner tank, vertical mounting, overheat safety protection function, and auto IC ignition system.  Boss electric water heater, energy saving through imported thermostat, long lasting durability due to IIL brand GI pipe.

Geyser Price in Pakistan (Your Ultimate Saviour for this Winter)

Are you tired of warming up water all day long during winter? Does this stop you from enjoying the winter season entirely? Well, don’t worry. Those days are gone when you used to warm water manually. With the arrival of geysers, things became much simple and easy. A geyser is an important household improvement product to have in every home. This appliance makes your life more convenient and comfortable. When the matter is about finding a suitable hot water system, a lot of planning is involved in finding the right one that could meet your budget and has energy savings functions that make your water chores whether they’re doing laundry, taking a bath, or washing the dishes comfortable as ever.

Now, you could have immediate supply of warm water for domestic chores and bathing aims. This is a win-win situation. Not only does this save you from potential damage/risk of getting burnt. But this also saves your precious time.

Now you could purchase water geysers on the internet with multiple specs and price ranges. From instant geysers in Pakistan to geysers in Pakistan, you might select anyone among your choices. So, you don’t need to step out and run from one shop to another. Now you might browse through your favourite geyser brands on the internet. Having trouble in picking the best one out there? You might also compare the specifications of each geyser in Pakistan and brand and examine what suits you the best for your house for heating and & cooling purpose.

Kinds of water geysers in Pakistan:

Instant geyser price in Pakistan:

Instant geysers work on the principle of providing hot water instantly. Also, the instant geysers use less gas & energy as these appliances work when the tap is turned on. And, the internal sensor system detects the water flow; the burner ignites automatically providing you with instant hot water. The burner is managed by electronic control unit (ECU) that is responsible for water flow and burner system and has auto cut-off gas system in case of an issue. These geysers are famous where gas load shedding often happens. Purchase your new instant gas water heater now in Pakistan having super deals and discounts with acquiring a wide range of the best instant geyser price in Pakistan. We offer discounts, high product quality, and delivery at your doorstep.

Electric geyser price in Pakistan:

Electric geysers use electric energy for heating up the entire system coz these geysers use electric energy and converted to heat energy for running the entire system. These geysers have very small storage capacity coz these could heat up water quickly and give you uninterrupted hot water supply to your washroom, laundry section, and kitchen as well. Plus, the electric geysers in Pakistan completely work on electricity that come in 1000 watts or above. Now you could find the best electric geysers price in Pakistan with huge deals and discounts, and these are delivered at your doorstep as well.

Gas geyser price in Pakistan:

Gas geysers completely work on natural gas or LNG that are the most commonly applied gases in Pakistan. Such gas geysers in Pakistan come in different capacity ranges. From 6 litre to 35+ gallons in total capacity. Now you could purchase your required size and also attain the best geysers price in Pakistan along with 0% EMI plans.

Portable geyser price in Pakistan:

If you’re living in an apartment or having a small home, you’d require small portable geysers in Pakistan. The portable geysers also involve electric instant geysers and electric water heaters that are best and safe to use. Such portable geysers contain digital & analogue thermostat system as well that controls gas & electricity and reduce your utility bills.

Purchase online instant geyser and electric geyser:

Now purchase your new geysers online on Electro City. Electro City offers you safe and secure online payment methods that include cash on delivery at your doorstep. Now you could also buy your new geysers in Pakistan at 0% EMI plans. So, what you are waiting for? Buy your new geysers today via a reliable shopping experience.

Are you looking for a water heater and instant geyser price list in Pakistan? So, buy the water heater and instant geyser directly from us.

Geyser & Heater Price in Pakistan PKR
BOSS Electric Water Heater 25CL Rs 30,999.00
Profile premier instant electric geyser pf-15L Rs 23,999.00
Profile 15L EWH Instant Geyser Rs 24,999.00
Profile Premier 25 Gallon Twin Delux Rs 44,000.00
Profile Premier 35Gallon Twin Delux Rs 53,999.00
Profile Premier 55 Gallon Twin Delux Rs 58,999.00
Nasgas DE-10 Gallon Water Heater Rs 25,999.00
Boss 15Litter Electric Water Heater Rs 22,999.00
Profile Premier TPS-31 6L Instant Electric Water Geyser Rs 29,999.00
Profile PF-50L instant Electric Water Heater Rs 31,999.00
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