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SpinnerHaier Spinner HD-60-50 6KG

Haier Spinner HD-60-50 6KG



Original price was: ₨27,999.Current price is: ₨17,999. 36% Off
Kenwood Spin Dryer 1050SKenwood Spin Dryer 1050S

Kenwood Spin Dryer 1050S


Kenwood Spin Dryer 1050S with Capacity: 10 kg, Spin peed 500 RPM, Jet Spin  Buy Kenwood Product, Consumption: 320 Watts Motor

Original price was: ₨30,500.Current price is: ₨23,500. 23% Off

Get Washing Machines Online at Best Prices (2022)

With technology’s advancement each day, our life became easier with household appliances in Pakistan that are rapidly being bought coz these help reduce the time and efforts done with dreary chores. Washing machines in Pakistan are things that have surely made our life easy by decreasing the time for washing laundry and provide you with clean clothes in less time. You could find all varieties of washers when this is about purchasing a washing machine that caters to the convenience of your home. The washing machines prices in Pakistan depend on the usage and attributes offered. And, you could find several brands that offer practical automatic washing machine price in Pakistan having several sizes and charges for mini washing machines price in Pakistan. These mini washing machines are compact and perfect to be kept in your bathrooms. Moreover, you could even attain upgraded and advanced choices with washing machines like automatic and semi-automatic having enhanced spinning options and even drying features with 2 in 1 washing machines. And with varying washing machines prices in Pakistan, you could find the best one that suits your requirements. Besides, you could also opt for visually aesthetic washing machines like top load washing machines and front load washing machines at best prices too.

Washing machine price list with specs:

The prices of washing machines in Pakistan in 2022 rely on the offered style and features. You could find washing machine automatic price in Pakistan that ranges from PKR 40 k & small washing machine price in Pakistan at 12 k+ PKR in the year, 2022. You could find the best price for washing machines in Pakistan on Electro City at discounted rates and acquire the best automatic washing machine prices from Haier, Kenwood, and Dawlance, etc.!

Why do you shop for washing machines in Pakistan on Electro City?

Electro City online shopping is the e-commerce website in Pakistan that offers a huge variety of items all in one place. If you desire to search washing machines list in Pakistan, Electro City is the place to look because this is going to show you different sellers for the best possible shopping experience. Leave the rush and long wait in lines and attain your online shopping experience and purchase things hassle-free. Now acquire things online that are directly delivered at your doorstep. Not only that, Electro City also lets you acquire the best washing machine price on Electro City! Who would desire to stand in line to purchase something when you could get it directly with Electro City online?

Multiple payment options for your washing machines:

Afraid of shopping online coz you don’t desire to use your credit card? Or, this might be that you want to pay with cash. The good thing about Electro City is that with hundreds of sellers and thousands of products to select from, Electro City is a one-stop solution to purchasing what you need. With safe payment options that range from cash-on-delivery, bank transfers, and cheque payments, you always have something that suits your needs.

Easy instalment options for washing machine:

Are you looking to attain the best automatic washing machines but have somewhat less budget! Then, don’t worry. Electro City offers EMI (easy monthly instalment) plans. Yeah, you read that right!

Buy washing machines directly from our official online store:

Now get your washing machines directly from Electro City online store where you’re guaranteed, and we ensure that all items are 100% real and available at the lowest prices/costs. So, why do you postpone what you need! Start your online shopping now and obtain the best prices, discounts, warranties, and many more plus points to make your purchase the best one.


Washing Machine Price in Pakistan PKR
NASGAS Spin Dryer NGD-202 Rs
ROYAL dryer RD-110 Flat Blue Rs 22,000.00
Dw 6000 C Dawlance Spinner Rs 29,999.00
Dawlance DW 9200 W FL Washing Machine Rs 40,999.00
Kenwood Spin Dryer 1050S Rs 30,500.00
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